Is KFC Halal to eat

Is kfc halal? Can muslims eat kfc meat?

Are you a regular kfc consumer & a Muslim and want to know whether kfc served meat or chicken is halal to eat or not in the USA, UK, Canada etc., then you are gonna get your answer in a few minutes.

You certainly have seen many stores of KFC (KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN) in your city or other places (country) where you visit. And you might have seen the same problem which any other muslim person is facing, that is “is kfc halal & can a Muslim eat it” n’all.

It is very common for a person who is feeling hungry and wants to eat chicken then why not in kfc? But as a Muslim we need to follow our rules and sunnahs to eat meat. We can’t eat meat slaughtered by any random guy and any random way… 

So let’s see what are the rules for eating meat of any halal animal? 

What are the rules for eating meat? OR what are the rules of slaughtering an animal according to Islam?

There are few rules that a meat eater should know and some that a slaughter should know…. 

  • A slaughter should be a Muslim himself. Don’t eat meat slaughtered by any random guy (non-Muslim).
  • Slaughtering should be done in the name of Allah the almighty.
  • A particular dua is for slaughtering and should be read during the slaughtering.
  • Animals which are being slaughtered should be halal to eat. Haram animals should not be eaten. 
  • Meat of a dead animal is also haram, even if it’s a halal one. Keep in mind that dead animals are HARAM.
  • Disabled animals should not be slaughtered.
  • Pregnant animals should not be slaughtered.
  • Too young animals are prohibited from being slaughtered.
  • All the blood should be drained out. 
  • Animals should be slaughtered in one shot. It should not be yearned. Its breath should leave peacefully, not painfully. 
  • It should be slaughtered not be killed by stabbing the knife anywhere on its body. It should be only its neck which should be slaughtered. 

So these are some of the rules to be kept in mind during slaughtering an animal. We will keep these points in mind before eating meat of a HALAL animal. And this will also be the base of this article. 

Is kfc halal? Can Muslims eat kfc? 

As I said, ‘rules of slaughtering an animal’ will be the basis to determine whether KFC is halal or not. 

So my friends, KFC is not fully halal. There are different sections of people who prefer halal meat, Muslims. Whereas some don’t consume even don’t like to eat halal meat, they. Many people in some countries even wanted non-halal meat to be served to them. 

So at the end of day, KFC is doing business and in business there is a saying ‘serve people what they want, what they would like the most, how they want to be served’. So KFC decided to serve halal meat to Muslims and non-halal to non-muslims. 

In this way, in gulf countries (countries where Muslims are in majority or country us Islamic) KFC serves halal meat. Similarly where there is a majority of non-muslims they serve non-halal meat. And in many countries where the distribution is uneven, they serve halal in some areas, whereas they serve non-halal in some area; depending on in which area Muslims are in majority or not. Best example of this case is INDIA.

If we talk about research done by common people, some say ‘KFC doesn’t serve halal meat’. Whereas some say ‘they serve halal meat’. And there are also some people who say they serve halal to Muslims and non-halal to non-muslims. This might be confusing for Muslims who don’t live in Islamic or gulf countries.

So for those who don’t live in Islamic countries they have to be concerned about the meat they are being served with in KFC. I hope you got ‘is kfc halal and can muslims eat kfc meat’. 

So let’s see what KFC says about their halal or non-halal meat serving.

What does KFC say about its halal serving?

KFC says there are some halal restaurants which are 100% halal whereas the remaining are not halal. So for people living in non muslim majority countries, they should find a halal KFC restaurant near them. It is said by kfc itself.

To check if they are serving halal or not, kindly ask the owner or worker for their halal certificate. If they are all right then that is halal. And if you still have doubts, then ask for the name of the restaurant owner, if he is muslim, he must be serving halal meat. 

Please note that some people are also serving halal and non halal food in the same restaurant. So there is a probability some halal and non-halal meat gets mixed. So ignore such restaurants which are serving both, even if they are saying they take care of that, because there might be some mistake. 

Does KFC serve halal meat?

It’s 100% sure that they serve halal meat in gulf countries. But it is also sure that they might not be serving 100% halal meat in non Muslim majority countries, like the UK, USA, CANADA or INDIA etc. So before going to kfc restaurants, check for halal KFC restaurants near you on the Internet. Then go and enjoy it. 

So the answer is, they are not serving 100% halal meat in all of their restaurants. You have to check for it, in the countries listed above or countries like it. 

So this is the overview of KFC halal food serving around the world which summarises that you should check about it before having the meat. 

Now I want to elaborate how you would check whether the meat or meat containing food being served to you is halal or not. 

How to check if KFC is serving you halal or non-halal meat?

There are some ways you can check whether the meat or food containing meat is halal or not by considering below given points. So let’s see them…. 

  • Check on the internet ‘halal restaurant near me’. See it here and you will get some. 
  • Check for the halal certificate of the restaurant. 
  • Ask for the name of the restaurant owner, if he is non muslim then it will not be the halal one. In this case don’t eat the food even if they have the certificate. 

So these are steps to check if the meat being served in a KFC restaurant is halal or not. Kindly keep all these points in mind before eating in KFC. I emphasise on these points because if you eat non halal meat i.e. haram meat then it would be counted as a sin because you know that the meat may be haram.

I hope now you know everything about ‘is kfc halal and can muslims eat kfc in non muslim country’. If this article brought some knowledge to you, please share it with your family, friends and relatives. 

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