Is Hungry Jack’s Halal In Australia

If you’re a fan of fast food, you’ve probably heard of Hungry Jack’s. Known for its mouthwatering burgers and crispy fries, Hungry Jack’s has become a beloved dining destination for many. But for those who adhere to Halal dietary guidelines, the question often arises: Is Hungry Jack’s Halal?

In my opinion, it’s important to address this question and provide some clarity on the matter. So, let’s dive right in!

What is Hungry Jack’s?

Hungry Jack’s is a well-known fast-food restaurant chain that primarily operates in Australia. It is the Australian franchise of the American fast-food giant, Burger King.

In essence, Hungry Jack’s serves a wide variety of fast-food items, with a focus on burgers, fries, chicken products, breakfast items, and more.

In addition to burgers, Hungry Jack’s provides various sides like french fries, onion rings, and a variety of beverages. They also serve breakfast items such as breakfast burgers, pancakes, and hot beverages.

Hungry Jack’s is popular in Australia and has numerous outlets across the country, making it a convenient choice for those looking for a quick and satisfying meal.

Hungry Jack’s Halal Certification

Hungry Jack’s is one of Australia’s most popular fast food chains, serving burgers, fries, and other classic fast food items. With a sizable Muslim population in Australia, a common question is whether Hungry Jack’s food is halal certified.

Halal refers to permissible foods and practices under Islamic dietary guidelines. For meat to be considered halal, the animal must be slaughtered according to Islamic ritual method and blessed in the name of God.

Hungry Jack’s has taken steps to offer some halal options on their menu. Certain items like the grilled chicken burger, crispy chicken burger, chicken nuggets, chicken strips, fish burgers and fries are certified halal by the Australian Halal Authority. These products are prepared separately from non-halal ingredients to avoid cross-contamination.

In summary, Hungry Jack’s has taken initial steps to provide halal options in Australia. But there is room for improvement, such as dedicated facilities and equipment for halal preparation. Consumers should verify halal certification directly with their local Hungry Jack’s restaurant if they have concerns.

Hungry Jacks Halal Certification

Is Hungry Jack’s Halal Australia?

Selected Hungry Jack’s in Victoria serve a limited Halal certified menu. These stores include Craigieburn, Hallam, Roxburgh Park, Deer Park, Dandenong, Fawkner, Jacana, Thomastown, Altona Nort and Truganina.

All Halal certified products are listed on the individual restaurant’s Halal certificate which is displayed in-store.


Address: 420-440 Craigieburn Rd, Craigieburn VIC 3064


Address: 1/9 Belgrave-Hallam Rd, Hallam VIC 3803

Roxburgh Park

Address: 185-195 Somerton Road Roxburgh Park, Coolaroo VIC 3064

Deer Park

Address: Brimbank Shopping Centre, External, Store, Level 1/72 Neale Rd, Deer Park VIC 3023


Address: 2-4 Stud Rd, Dandenong VIC 3175


Address: 1443-1445 Sydney Rd, Campbellfield VIC 3061


Address: 945 Pascoe Vale Rd, Jacana VIC 3047


Address: 27 Spencer St, Thomastown VIC 3074

Altona North

Address: 159 Millers Rd, Altona North VIC 3025


Address: 211 Leakes Rd, Truganina VIC 3029

Hungry Jack’s Alternative

Here are some potential halal-friendly alternatives to Hungry Jack’s for Muslims in Australia looking for halal fast food options:

Nandos – This Portuguese chicken chain has several halal-certified locations in Australia. Nandos serves halal grilled and peri-peri chicken, wraps, burgers and salads.

Oporto – An Australian fast food chain, Oporto has halal-certified restaurants across the country. They offer burgers, wraps, salads and Portuguese style grilled chicken.

Subway – Many Subway locations are halal-certified and offer halal meats. Subway allows for customization so Muslims can get halal sandwiches, salads and more.

Pakistan Star – This halal Pakistani restaurant chain has franchises in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The menu features kebabs, curries, biryanis and other halal Pakistani fare.

Ali Baba – A Lebanese restaurant group found in Melbourne and Sydney with halal certification. Ali Baba is known for its shawarma, falafel, hummus and other Arab foods.

Grill’d – This Australian burger chain has some halal locations, offering halal burger patties and fried chicken fillets. Menus are clearly labeled for halal choices.


In conclusion, as I see it, Hungry Jack’s offers a welcoming dining experience for all. They have taken the necessary steps to provide Halal options, ensuring that those who follow a Halal diet can enjoy their delicious offerings without worry.

So, to my mind, if you’re wondering whether Hungry Jack’s is Halal, the answer is yes, they do offer Halal options at certain outlets. It’s all part of their commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive menu that caters to various dietary preferences.

In our opinion, Hungry Jack’s deserves applause for their efforts in ensuring that their food is accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their dietary requirements.

So, next time you’re craving a tasty burger or some crispy fries, you can confidently head to Hungry Jack’s, knowing that they’ve got you covered. Enjoy your meal, and remember that Hungry Jack’s is here to make your dining experience as enjoyable as possible, no matter your dietary preferences or restrictions.

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