Is Culver’s Halal? A Complete 2023 Guide for Muslims

Have you ever driven by a Culver’s and thought, “That butter burger sure looks tasty, but is it actually halal?” Trust me, I’ve been there too!

As a Muslim living in the US, finding halal fast food can be a struggle. On one hand, I love the delicious cheese curds and custard that Culver’s is so famous for. But on the other, I have to be careful about the meat ingredients.

So is indulging in a juicy Culver’s burger a halal treat or haram taboo? I decided to investigate so I could get the full scoop for my Muslim friends!

In this article, I’ll walk through everything you need to know about Culver’s menu and halal status.

Culver’s Menu Overview

To understand if Culver’s is halal, we first need to get familiar with what they’re cookin’!

Culver’s was founded in 1984 by Craig and Lea Culver along with Craig’s parents George and Ruth. They opened their first restaurant in Sauk City, Wisconsin.

Over 30 years later, Culver’s has over 700 locations across the Midwest and South. They’re best known for their juicy ButterBurgers, creamy Frozen Custard, and crispy Wisconsin Cheese Curds.

Let’s take a tour of some classic Culver’s menu items:

  • 🍔 ButterBurgers – Their famous burgers are made with lightly buttered toasted buns. You can get them single, double, or triple stacked! The Deluxe ButterBurger comes fully loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles.
  • 🧀 Wisconsin Cheese Curds – These battered and deep-fried bites of cheese are a signature Wisconsin treat! They’re creamy on the inside with a crispy golden coating. An addictive snack!
  • 🍦 Frozen Custard – Creamier and richer than ice cream, custard is a Culver’s specialty. You can get it in sundaes, concretes that contain mix-ins throughout, or on its own in a dish or cone.
  • 🍗 Crispy Chicken Sandwiches – Breaded white meat chicken that’s juicy and tender inside a toasted bun. Try it classic or spicy!
  • 🍟 Crinkle Cut Fries – Crinkle cut fries are a Culver’s staple side. You can also get cheese curds and onion rings for dipping!
  • 🥗 Salads – Crisp greens topped with ingredients like chicken, dried cranberries, bleu cheese crumbles, avocado, and more.

Now that we have the full scoop on Culver’s menu highlights, let’s move on to investigating their meat and how halal status comes into play!

Is Culver’s Completely Halal?

This is one of the top questions I get from my Muslim friends who are Culver’s fans. We all love those famous butter burgers, but are they 100% halal?

The short answer is: Unfortunately, no. Culver’s is not a fully halal certified restaurant chain.

But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! With some savvy menu picks, you can still enjoy halal versions of Culver’s classics.

Why Culver’s Isn’t Completely Halal

There are a few reasons why Culver’s doesn’t meet Islamic dietary standards from start to finish:

  • Meat SourcesCulver’s does not confirm that all their meat comes from halal slaughtered animals. They likely source from conventional distributors without halal oversight.
  • Pork Products: Menu items like the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich obviously contain haram pork. But even dishes without pork could risk cross-contamination.
  • Alcohol: Though they don’t serve beer or wine, some menu items may contain small amounts of alcohol used in flavorings.
  • CertificationCulver’s has no official halal certification from an accredited organization. They make no claims about following halal guidelines.

Is Culver’s Halal Certified?

Unfortunately, Culver’s is not certified as fully halal by any reputable organization. They have no official halal certification to back their menu offerings. Culver’s also does not make any claims about following Islamic dietary regulations.

So Muslims who only eat at certified halal restaurants would not consider Culver’s to meet that standard currently.

However, with some flexible menu picks of chicken, seafood, or vegetarian options, Muslim customers can still enjoy halal-style dishes at Culver’s!

Do Culver’s Fries Contain Pork Fat?

Culver’s does not disclose using pork fat or lard in the preparation of their famous fries.

However, they also do not make any guarantees about keeping fries or other menu items completely pork-free.

To err on the safe side, Muslim customers could request fries to be cooked in dedicated halal fryer oil, to avoid any cross-contamination with pork-based products.

But in general, Culver’s fries do not knowingly contain pork fat.

Can Muslims eat the cheese curds at Culver’s?

Yes, Muslims can happily eat Culver’s delicious Wisconsin cheese curds! These bite-sized deep fried pieces of creamy cheese do not contain any haram ingredients, as far as we know.

Of course, you will want to confirm with your local Culver’s that they use a vegetable oil fryer with no pork or meat derivatives.

As long as the cheese curds are cooked separately from non-halal items, they make a tasty halal treat! Dip away to your heart’s content.

Is the bread at Culver’s made with halal ingredients?

Culver’s does not confirm its burger buns, sandwich rolls, or other breads are made with certified halal ingredients. The good news is they likely don’t contain pork or meat derivatives.

However, some breads or rolls may use egg wash, a glaze that could contain traces of alcohol. To be extra cautious, request a non-glazed bun or roll.

But in general, the bread products at Culver’s do not contain overtly haram ingredients, and should be fine for liberal halal diets.

Can Muslims eat Culver’s custard?

Yes! Culver’s famous frozen custard dessert is halal for Muslims to eat. It contains just a few basic ingredients like cream, milk, sugar, and eggs.

There is no pork, alcohol, or other haram components. Of course, always verify the ingredients with the restaurant, ask about the vanilla or other flavorings used, and request a clean, dedicated scoop and dish to serve it.

But you can certainly indulge in Culver’s custard concretes and sundaes as a delicious halal dessert!

Culver’s Alternatives

Here are a few Culver’s alternatives:

These restaurants all offer a variety of burgers, fries, and milkshakes. Some of them also offer other items, such as chicken sandwiches, salads, and breakfast items.


After taking a deep dive into Culver’s menu, we’ve got the scoop on what’s halal and what’s better to avoid.

The bottom line is that Culver’s is not a fully halal certified restaurant. Their meat sourcing and prep standards don’t strictly follow Islamic guidelines.

However, with some savvy menu selections, Muslims can still enjoy satisfying halal meals at Culver’s! Opt for dishes with no pork or alcohol, and you should be good to go.

Some safe bets are the chicken sandwiches, salads, or seafood options. And you can indulge worry-free in Frozen Custard and tasty sides like cheese curds and crispy fries.

I hope this guide gave you the insider scoop on savoring Culver’s favorites in a halal way.

Now we can feast to our hearts’ content, from Sauk City to the sea. Here’s to enjoying fast food with faith! Let’s grab a bite.

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